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2004 3-D Magnetic Measurement of Exercise-Induced MCG Abstract   PDF
BS Kim, Y Uchikawa, K Kobayashi
2004 3-D Magnetic Measurement of Neuromagnetic Response of Somatosensory Area to Different Repetition Frequencies Abstract   PDF
BS Kim, Y Uchikawa, K Kobayashi, M Kawakatsu, M Kotani
2004 A Grid Computing Infrastructure for MEG Data Analysis Abstract   PDF
S Nakagawa, T Kosaka, S Date, S Shimojo, M Tonoike
2004 A New Dynamical Approach to Auditory Evoked Magnetic Field Abstract   PDF
K Kishida, Y Ohi, M Tonoike, S Iwaki
2004 A Sensor Configuration for a 304 SQUID Vector Magnetometer Abstract   PDF
A Schnabel, M Burghoff, S Hartwig, F Petsche, U Steinhoff, D Drung, H Koch
2003 A Simple Procedure Using Auditory Stimuli to Improve Movement in Parkinson’s Disease: A Pilot Study Abstract   PDF
M Fernandez del Olmo, J Cudeiro
2004 A Study of Relationship between Multifocal VEF Responses and Binocular Disparity Abstract   PDF   PDF   PDF   PDF
T Owaki, T Takeda
2004 Active Magnetic Compensation Composed of Shielding Panels Abstract   PDF
K Kato, K Yamazaki, T Sato, A Haga, T Okitsu, K Muramatsu, T Ueda, K Kobayashi, M Yoshizawa
2004 Advanced Electronics for the CTF MEG System Abstract   PDF
J Vrba, J McCubbin, P Spear, D McKenzie, R Willis, R Loewen, SE Robinson, AA Fife
2000 An Automated Electrodiagnostic Technique for Detection of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Abstract   PDF
C. T. Leffler, S. N. Gozani, Z. Q. Nguyen, D Cros
2004 Argos 500: Operation of a Helmet Vector-MEG Abstract   PDF
H-P Müller, A Pasquarelli, R Rossi, M De Melis, L Marzetti, A Trebeschi, SN Erné
2007 Artifact and head movement compensation in MEG Abstract   PDF
M Medvedovsky, S Taulu, R Bikmullina, R Paetau
2004 Assessment of Fetal Growth on the Basis of Signal Strength in Fetal Magnetocardiography Abstract   PDF
P Van Leeuwen, Y Beuvink, S Lange, A Klein, D Geue, D Grönemeyer
2004 Auditory Cortex Responses to the Transition from Monophonic to Pseudo-stereo Sound Abstract   PDF
B Ross, AT Herdman, A Wollbrink, C Pantev
2004 Auditory Evoked Field Responses in the Left Hemisphere to Morphosyntactic Violations in Korean Sentence Abstract   PDF
H Kwon, JM Kim, YH Lee, K Kim, YK Park, K Nam, S Kuriki
2004 Auditory Evoked Magnetic Fields to Speech Stimuli in Newborns Abstract   PDF
E Pihko, A Sambeth, PHT Leppänen, Y Okada, L Lauronen
2004 Auditory Evoked Responses Are Additive to Brain Oscillations Abstract   PDF
VT Mäkinen, H Tiitinen, PJC May
2004 Auditory Scene Analysis and Sensory Memory: the Role of the Auditory N100m Abstract   PDF
PJC May, H Tiitinen
2004 Auditory Sensory Gating Deficit and Cortical Thickness in Schizophrenia Abstract   PDF
RJ Thoma, FM Hanlon, N Sanchez, MP Weisend, M Huang, A Jones, GA Miller, JM Canive
2004 Automatic Artifact Component Removal Using a Neural Network in MCG Signal Abstract   PDF
CB Ahn, DH Lee
2004 Automatic Localization of Epileptic Zones Using Magnetoencephalography Abstract   PDF
J Xiang, S Holowka, H Qiao, B Sun, Z Xiao, Y Jiang, D Wilson, S Chuang
2004 Averaging Algorithm Based on Data Statistics in Magnetocardiography Abstract   PDF
K Kim, YH Lee, H Kwon, JM Kim, IS Kim, YK Park
2004 Bayesian Classification of Myocardial Excitation Abnormality Using Magnetocardiogram Maps for Mass Screening Abstract   PDF
Y Ono, A Ishiyama, N Kasai, S Yamada, K On, S Watanabe, I Yamaguchi, T Miyashita, K Tsukada
2004 Behavioral Detection of Spatial Stimuli Is Reflected in Auditory Cortical Dynamics Abstract   PDF
H Tiitinen, KJ Palomäki, V Mäkinen, PJC May, P Alku
2004 Biomagnetism in 2004: Introduction Abstract   PDF
SP Ahlfors
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