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Research Articles

Boston and the History of Biomagnetism Abstract PDF
D Cohen
Biomagnetism in 2004: Introduction Abstract PDF
SP Ahlfors
Low-cost 7-Channel Magnetocardiographic System for Unshielded Environment Abstract PDF
MM Budnyk, ID Voytovych, YD Minov, PG Sutkovyi, MA Primin, IV Nedayvoda, VV Vasyliev
Evaluation of Magnetocardiography Indices in Patients Abstract PDF
MM Budnyk, VI Kozlovsky, LA Stadnyuk, OM Zahrabova, TM Ryzhenko, TV Getman
Volumetric Estimation of Functional Brain Regions in Small Children using Spatially Filtered Magnetoencephalography: Differentiating Thumb from Middle Finger Abstract PDF
J Xiang, S Holowka, H Qiao, B Sun, S Chuang
Localization of Event-Related Activity by SAM(erf) Abstract PDF
SE Robinson
Investigation of Color Motion using MEG and Binocular Rivalry Stimuli Abstract PDF
T Shinozaki, T Takeda
Multifocal VEF Responses and Binocular Disparity Abstract PDF
T Owaki, T Takeda
A Study of Relationship between Multifocal VEF Responses and Binocular Disparity Abstract PDF PDF PDF PDF
T Owaki, T Takeda
Dynamic Neuromagnetic Responses to Auditory Motion: A Novel Index for Evaluation of Attention Abstract PDF
J Xiang, S Holowka, R Ishii, D Wilson, S Chuang
Magnetic Noise Rejection in the MCG Using Independent Component Analysis Abstract PDF
K Kobayashi, K Yamazaki, Y Uchikawa, T Simizu, K Nakai, K Kawazoe, H Izumoto, M Yoshizawa
Spectral Characterization of Ongoing and Auditory Event-Related Brain Processes Abstract PDF
VT Mäkinen, PJC May, H Tiitinen
Periodic Glottal Excitation and Formant Frequencies in the Perception of Vowels Abstract PDF
H Tiitinen, AM Mäkelä, V Mäkinen, PJC May, P Alku
Summary of Some Results on an EEG Inverse Problem Abstract PDF
A El Badia
Automatic Artifact Component Removal Using a Neural Network in MCG Signal Abstract PDF
CB Ahn, DH Lee
Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Non-stationary fMEG Data Abstract PDF
Y Chan, P Soni, H Preissl, H Eswaran, J Wilson, P Murphy, CL Lowery
How Many Channels are Needed for MEG? Abstract PDF
J Vrba, SE Robinson, J McCubbin
Automatic Localization of Epileptic Zones Using Magnetoencephalography Abstract PDF
J Xiang, S Holowka, H Qiao, B Sun, Z Xiao, Y Jiang, D Wilson, S Chuang
Argos 500: Operation of a Helmet Vector-MEG Abstract PDF
H-P Müller, A Pasquarelli, R Rossi, M De Melis, L Marzetti, A Trebeschi, SN Erné
Multimodal Imaging of Somatosensory Evoked Cortical Activity Abstract PDF
C Ramon, J Haueisen, T Richards, K Maravilla
3-D Magnetic Measurement of Neuromagnetic Response of Somatosensory Area to Different Repetition Frequencies Abstract PDF
BS Kim, Y Uchikawa, K Kobayashi, M Kawakatsu, M Kotani
Calibration of a Vector-MEG Helmet System Abstract PDF
H-P Müller, A Pasquarelli, M De Melis, L Marzetti, SN Erné
DC Magnetic Fields from the Human Body Generally: A Historical Overview Abstract PDF
D Cohen
3-D Magnetic Measurement of Exercise-Induced MCG Abstract PDF
BS Kim, Y Uchikawa, K Kobayashi
Cortical Activity Elicited by Isolated Vowels and Diphthongs Abstract PDF
AM Mäkelä, P Alku, PJC May, V Mäkinen, H Tiitinen
Spatiotemporal Analysis of Neuromagnetic Activation Associated with Mirror Reading Abstract PDF
J Xiang, S Holowka, S Chuang
MEG Measurement of Event-Related Brain Activity Evoked by Emotional Prosody Recognition Abstract PDF
H Yagura, M Tonoike, M Yamaguchi, S Nakagawa, K Sutani, S Ogino
Numerical Calculation of Eddy Currents in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Psychiatric Treatment Abstract PDF
M Sekino, S Ueno
Forward Solution Ambiguity for fMEG Model Abstract PDF
J Vrba, SE Robinson, J McCubbin
How Can Intracranial Recordings Assist MEG Source Localization? Abstract PDF
H Halgren
In Vivo Tissue Characterization Using Magnetic Techniques Abstract PDF
AA Carneiro, GR Vilela, JB Fernandes, D Araújo, O Baffa, J Elias Jr, G St. Pierre, IL Ângulo, DT Covas
Unilaterally Applied Stimuli in a Frequency Discrimination Task are Represented Bilaterally in Primary Somatosensory Cortex Abstract PDF
C Braun, HRM Tan, A Wühle
Detection of Coronary Artery Disease with MCG Abstract PDF
B Hailer, P Van Leeuwen
Effect of Model Complexity on EEG Source Localizations Abstract PDF
C Ramon, PH Schimpf, J Haueisen
MUSIC Seeded Multi-Dipole MEG Modeling Using the Constrained Start Spatio-Temporal Modeling Procedure Abstract PDF
DM Ranken, JM Stephen, JS George
Regional Resolving Power of Combined MEG/EEG Abstract PDF
ME Pflieger, RE Greenblatt, J Kirkish
MEG and EEG Show Different Sensitivity to Myogenic Artifacts Abstract PDF
R Zimmermann, E Scharein
Predictor of Cognitive Deterioration in Elderly Subjects by Auditory-Evoked Magnetic Signal Using Magnetoencephalography Abstract PDF
H Naritomi, H Oe, A Kandori, K Ogata, T Miyashita, S Sakoda
Quantitative Results concerning Effects of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on Mesoscopic Brain Activity Abstract PDF
OT Holzner, E Schöll
Localization of Interictal Spikes using SAM(g2) and Dipole Fit Abstract PDF
SE Robinson, SS Nagarajan, M Mantle, V Gibbons, H Kirsch
Cleaning Fetal MEG Using a Beamformer Search for the Optimal Forward Model Abstract PDF
SE Robinson, J Vrba
ICA Methods for MEG Imaging Abstract PDF
JE Moran, CL Drake, N Tepley
Technique for the Direct Measurement of DC-like Magnetic Biosignals Demonstrated by the Cold Reflex of the Abdomen Abstract PDF
A Schnabel, F Thiel, W Mueller, M Burghoff
A Sensor Configuration for a 304 SQUID Vector Magnetometer Abstract PDF
A Schnabel, M Burghoff, S Hartwig, F Petsche, U Steinhoff, D Drung, H Koch
Advanced Electronics for the CTF MEG System Abstract PDF
J Vrba, J McCubbin, P Spear, D McKenzie, R Willis, R Loewen, SE Robinson, AA Fife
Active Magnetic Compensation Composed of Shielding Panels Abstract PDF
K Kato, K Yamazaki, T Sato, A Haga, T Okitsu, K Muramatsu, T Ueda, K Kobayashi, M Yoshizawa
Discrimination of Multiple Sources Using a SQUID Vector Magnetometer Abstract PDF
M Burghoff, A Schnabel, D Drung, F Thiel, S Knappe-Grüneberg, S Hartwig, O Kosch, L Trahms, H Koch
Spatiotemporal Brain Activity in Mental Rotation Abstract PDF
H Kawamichi, Y Kikuchi, S Ueno, S Yoshizawa
Fetal MCG and Fetal MEG Measurements with a 3-channel SQUID System Abstract PDF
U Schneider, F Gießler, H Nowak, T Logemann, B Grimm, J Haueisen, E Schleussner
Fetal Magnetocardiography: The Clinician's Viewpoint Abstract PDF
K Brockmeier, N Sreeram
Spatiotemporal Patterns of Movement-Related Fields in Stroke Patients Abstract PDF
K Kotani, Y Kinomoto, M Yamada, J Deguchi, M Tonoike, K Horii, S Miyatake, T Kuroiwa, T Noguchi
Auditory Sensory Gating Deficit and Cortical Thickness in Schizophrenia Abstract PDF
RJ Thoma, FM Hanlon, N Sanchez, MP Weisend, M Huang, A Jones, GA Miller, JM Canive
Effect of Sodium Valproate on Neuromagnetic Responses to Chromatic Flicker: Implication for Photosensitivity Abstract PDF
K Watanabe, R Sayres, S Shimojo, T Imada, K Nihei
Optimal Sensor Distribution for Measuring the Tangential Field Components in MCG Abstract PDF
K Kim, YH Lee, H Kwon, JM Kim, IS Kim, YK Park
Spatial Distribution of Cardiac Magnetic Vector Fields Acquired from 3120 SQUID Positions Abstract PDF
U Steinhoff, A Schnabel, M Burghoff, T Freibie, F Thiel, H Koch, L Trahms
Whole-head SQUID System in a Superconducting Magnetic Shield Abstract PDF
H Ohta, T Matsui, Y Uchikawa
SAM(g2) Analysis for Detecting Spike Localization: A Comparison with Clinical Symptoms and ECD Analysis in an Epileptic Patient Abstract PDF
S Ukai, S Kawaguchi, R Ishii, M Yamamoto, A Ogawa, Y Mizuno-Matsumoto, SE Robinson, N Fujita, T Yoshimine, K Shinosaki, M Takeda
Continuous Head-Localization and Data Correction in a Whole-Cortex MEG Sensor Abstract PDF
HS Wilson
Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Mean Values and Anisotropy of Electrical Conductivity in the Human Brain Abstract PDF
M Sekino, Y Inoue, S Ueno
MEG Latency Difference Measurement for Priming Experiments Abstract PDF
A Matani, T Hayakawa, S Munetsuna, N Fujimaki
Maximum Likelihood Dipole Fitting in Spatially Colored Noise Abstract PDF
BV Baryshnikov, BD Van Veen, RT Wakai
NUTMEG: A Neuromagnetic Source Reconstruction Toolbox Abstract PDF
SS Dalal, JM Zumer, V Agrawal, KE Hild, K Sekihara, SS Nagarajan
Linearly Constrained Minimum Variance Source Imaging Using Cortical Bases Abstract PDF
T Limpiti, BD Van Veen, RD Nowak, RT Wakai
Behavioral Detection of Spatial Stimuli Is Reflected in Auditory Cortical Dynamics Abstract PDF
H Tiitinen, KJ Palomäki, V Mäkinen, PJC May, P Alku
The Auditory N100m Response Reflects Changes in Speech Fundamental Frequency Abstract PDF
AM Mäkelä, P Alku, PJC May, V Mäkinen, H Tiitinen
Enhanced Neural Responses Correlated with Perceptual Binding of Color and Motion Abstract PDF
K Amano, S Nishida, T Takeda
Assessment of Fetal Growth on the Basis of Signal Strength in Fetal Magnetocardiography Abstract PDF
P Van Leeuwen, Y Beuvink, S Lange, A Klein, D Geue, D Grönemeyer
Fetal Magnetocardiography: Time Intervals and Heart Rate Variability Abstract PDF
P Van Leeuwen
Auditory Evoked Responses Are Additive to Brain Oscillations Abstract PDF
VT Mäkinen, H Tiitinen, PJC May
Study on Optimization for Current Distribution in Magnetic Stimulation Therapy for Urinary Incontinence Abstract PDF
M Odagaki, K Suga, T Sasaki, H Hosaka
Bayesian Classification of Myocardial Excitation Abnormality Using Magnetocardiogram Maps for Mass Screening Abstract PDF
Y Ono, A Ishiyama, N Kasai, S Yamada, K On, S Watanabe, I Yamaguchi, T Miyashita, K Tsukada
Averaging Algorithm Based on Data Statistics in Magnetocardiography Abstract PDF
K Kim, YH Lee, H Kwon, JM Kim, IS Kim, YK Park
The Discovery of Slowness Abstract PDF
BM Mackert
MCG Measurement in the Environment of Active Magnetic Shield Abstract PDF
K Yamazaki, K Kato, K Kobayashi, A Igarashi, T Sato, A Haga, N Kasai
Separation of Fetal and Maternal Magnetocardiographic Signals in Twin Pregnancy Using Independent Component Analysis (ICA) Abstract PDF
M Burghoff, P Van Leeuwen
Dynamical MCG Mapping with an Atomic Vapor Magnetometer Abstract PDF
A Weis, R Wynands, R Fenici, G Bison
Topographic Classification of EEG Patterns in Huntington's Disease Abstract PDF
F De Carlo, R Bellotti, R Massafra, M de Tommaso, V Sciruicchio
A Grid Computing Infrastructure for MEG Data Analysis Abstract PDF
S Nakagawa, T Kosaka, S Date, S Shimojo, M Tonoike
MEG Recordings of DC Fields Using the Signal Space Separation Method (SSS) Abstract PDF
S Taulu, J Simola, M Kajola
Effect of Word Familiarity on Visually Evoked Magnetic Fields Abstract PDF
N Harada, S Iwaki, S Nakagawa, M Yamaguchi, M Tonoike
Neuromagnetic Responses Associated with Perceptual Segregation of Pitch Abstract PDF
BW Johnson, SD Muthukumaraswamy, MJ Hautus, WC Gaetz, DO Cheyne
Interaction of Artificial Metallic Objects with Biosusceptometric Measurements Abstract PDF
R Engelhardt, EB Fung, P Kelly, TR Biehl, Z Pakbaz, P Nielsen, P Harmatz, R Fischer
The Colon Transit Time in Different Phases of the Menstrual Cycle: Assessed with Biomagnetic Technique Abstract PDF
T Córdova-Fraga, R Huerta-Franco, G Gutiérrez-Juárez, M Sosa-Aquino, M Vargas-Luna
Head Position in the MEG Helmet Affects the Sensitivity to Anterior Sources Abstract PDF
K Marinkovic, B Cox, K Reid, E Halgren
Auditory Evoked Field Responses in the Left Hemisphere to Morphosyntactic Violations in Korean Sentence Abstract PDF
H Kwon, JM Kim, YH Lee, K Kim, YK Park, K Nam, S Kuriki
MEG Analysis of "Theory of Mind" in Emotional Vignettes Comprehension Abstract PDF
R Ishii, C Gojmerac, DT Stuss, GG Jr Gallup, MP Alexander, W Chau, C Pantev
A New Dynamical Approach to Auditory Evoked Magnetic Field Abstract PDF
K Kishida, Y Ohi, M Tonoike, S Iwaki
Pathological Oscillatory Coupling within the Human Motor System in Different Tremor Syndromes as Revealed by Magnetoencephalography Abstract PDF
L Timmermann, J Gross, M Butz, G Kircheis, D Haussinger, A Schnitzler
HTS Magnetometers for Fetal Magnetocardiography Abstract PDF
RT Wakai, Z Li, DN Paulson, B Schwartz
Detection of Power Changes between Conditions using Split-Half Resampling of Synthetic Aperture Magnetometry Data Abstract PDF
W Chau, AT Herdman, TW Picton
High-Tc SQUID Magnetocardiography Imaging System Abstract PDF
HC Yang, SY Hung, CH Wu, JC Chen, SJ Hsu, SH Liao, HE Horng
The Effect of Attention on the Auditory Steady-state Response PDF
B Ross, T W Picton, A T Herdman, S A Hillyard, C Pantev
Stimulus Induced Reset of 40-Hz Auditory Steady-state Responses Abstract PDF
B Ross, AT Herdman, C Pantev
The MMN Is a Derivative of the Auditory N100 Response Abstract PDF
PJC May, H Tiitinen
Auditory Scene Analysis and Sensory Memory: the Role of the Auditory N100m Abstract PDF
PJC May, H Tiitinen
Auditory Cortex Responses to the Transition from Monophonic to Pseudo-stereo Sound Abstract PDF
B Ross, AT Herdman, A Wollbrink, C Pantev
Rejection of Stimulus-related MEG Artifacts Using Independent Abstract PDF
S Iwaki, C Yamamoto, M Tonoike, T Yamamoto
Changes in Magnetocardiogram Patterns of Infarcted-Reperfused Myocardium after Injection of Superparamagnetic Contrast Media Abstract PDF
A Brazdeikis, CW Chu, P Cherukuri, S Litovsky, M Naghavi
Cortical Oscillations Modulated by Congruent and Incongruent Abstract PDF
AT Herdman, T Fujioka, W Chau, B Ross, C Pantev, TW Picton
Non-invasive Electrophysiologic Study with Amagnetic Transesophageal Pacing during Unshielded Multichannel Magnetocardiographic Mapping Abstract PDF
R Fenici, D Brisinda, AM Meloni
Magnetocardiographic Study of Ventricular Repolarization in Hypertensive Patients with and without Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Abstract PDF
R Fenici, D Brisinda, AM Meloni
Simultaneously Detected Biomagnetic Signals and NMR Abstract PDF
MA Espy, PL Volegov, AN Matlachov, JS George, RH Jr. Kraus
Time-Frequency and Coherence Analysis of fMEG Signals Abstract PDF
Y Chan, X Wu, H Preissl, H Eswaran, J Wilson, P Murphy, CL Lowery
Development of a Portable Pneumomagnetic Measurement Device Abstract PDF
M Kotani, Y Zheng, Y Utsukawa, T Nakadate
Magnetocardiographic Differences of Ventricular Repolarization Parameters between Wistar Rats and Guinea Pigs Abstract PDF
R Fenici, D Brisinda, AM Meloni
MEG Sleep Pattern Dependence of Auditory Evoked Fields in Young Infants Abstract PDF
WJ Lutter, RT Wakai, MM Maier, BV Baryshnikov
Clinical Multichannel MCG in Unshielded Hospital Environment Abstract PDF
R Fenici, AM Meloni, D Brisinda
Effects of Filtering on Computer-Aided Analysis for Detection of Chronic Ischemic Heart Disease with Unshielded Rest Magnetocardiographic Mapping Abstract PDF
R Fenici, D Brisinda, AM Meloni
Auditory Evoked Magnetic Fields to Speech Stimuli in Newborns Abstract PDF
E Pihko, A Sambeth, PHT Leppänen, Y Okada, L Lauronen
Cortical Thickness in a Case of Congenital Unilateral Perisylvian Syndrome Abstract PDF
A Kotini, S Camposano, K Hara, D Salat, A Cole, S Stufflebeam, E Halgren
Modulation of Neuromagnetic Oscillatory Activity during the Observation of Oro-facial Movements Abstract PDF
SD Muthukumaraswamy, B Johnson, W Gaetz, DO Gaetz
Neurophysiology of the Parieto-Frontal System During Target Interception Abstract PDF
H Merchant, A Georgopoulos, A Battaglia-Mayer
The New SQUID Biosusceptometer at Oakland: First Year of Experience Abstract PDF
EB Fung, R Fischer, Z Pakbaz, RL Fagaly, E Vichinsky, TN Starr, T Ewing, DN Paulson, WV Hassenzahl, P Harmatz

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