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Research Articles

Peroneal F-wave characteristics under submaximal stimulation Abstract PDF
X. Kong, P. Bansal, J.T. Megerian, S.N. Gozani
Tibial nerve motor conduction with recording from the first dorsal interosseous: a comparison with standard tibial studies Abstract PDF
K.M. Galloway, D.G. Greathouse
Neurophysiological monitoring of brainstem function in a patient with Wallenberg syndrome, using Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials Abstract PDF
S.N. Deftereos, G. Panagopoulos, M. Gryllia, D. Georgonikou, M. Polyzoi, E. Kechagias, A. Aessopos, C.E. Karageorgiou
Botulinum Toxin-A injections via electrical motor point stimulation to treat writer's cramp: Pilot study Abstract PDF
E.C.H. Lim, A.M.L. Quek, R.C.S. Seet
Hepatitis C Virus Acute Quadriparetic Vasculitic Neuropathy Responsive to Cyclophosphamide Abstract PDF
N. Souayah, H.W. Sander, D.L. Menkes, S.L. Khella
Primary Systemic Amyloidosis presenting with Demyelinating Features Abstract PDF
A. Gutierrez, L.J. Turkewitz, H. Correa, J.D. England
Correlation of Clinical and Demyelinating Features in Patients with Neuropathy of Otherwise Unknown Etiology Abstract PDF
A.R. Goldfarb, N. Latov, T.H. Brannagan III, R.L. Chin, E.A. De Sousa, H.W. Sander
Deterministic Recurrences of Sequential F-Wave Latencies Abstract PDF
M.A. Fisher, J. Chawla, C.L. Webber Jr.

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